Our Label

Sometimes it is not possible to fit all the detail that one would like in such a small package. For this reason, in this place we keep all the normative and relevant information of our caviar published.


Oscietra sturgeon eggs (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), salt


Each batch we produce comes with a unique code in accordance with the regulations of the International Convention for Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). This estructure is the next one:


GUE: Indicates the species of sturgeon, in our case it could be GUE (oscietra sturgeon), HUS (beluga sturgeon) or STE (sevruga sturgeon)

C: Indicates that the fish have been bred in captivity.

CL: Indicates that they were produced in Chile

YYYY: It is the year of production of caviar

04/19/21e: It is our unique identifier code as an authorized center for the farming of sturgeons, the production and export of caviar.

BATCH: Each batch of ours identifies a single fish.