Sturgeon meat, a superfood

Throughout our years of experience studying the derived products of sturgeon, our laboratory informed of extraordinary levels of nutrients and positive properties for health and nutrition. In this brief article we will list its most important benefits:

  1. High in Omega 3: The WHO recommends a daily intake of 500 grams of EPA and DHA for adults, to strengthen our brain cells and maintain our hearts healthy. These nutrients are commonly found in fish, and sturgeon provides one of the highest levels of Omega 3 in fish: a single portion of 200 grams provides the recommended intake of 4 days and is equivalent to 5 capsules of dietary supplement.
  2. High in Vitamin D: Vital for fixating bones, vitamin D is also found in fish. Sturgeon provides 136% of the daily recommended intake in a single portion of 200 grams.
  3. Free of antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones: Our Kenoz sturgeon, as opposed to other fish in the market, contains no types of hormones, vaccines, or antibiotics. They are not necessary, due to their extraordinary immune system. Furthermore, our aquaculture activity is organically certifiable (the certificate process is still pending for now). In a few years we will produce organic sturgeon and caviar!
  4. Super Protein: Sturgeon, just like the egg, is very efficient in its protein content, providing the 10 essential amino acids, which means that it is a super protein food.
  5. High in Iron: A sturgeon portion of 200 grams provides 78% of the daily intake of iron, as opposed to other fish that only provide between 4% and 6%.

In a single portion of sturgeon, we can find excellent nutritive properties, but we cannot fail to mention the incredible level of collagen that can be found in other types of cuts: we are currently working on an asset base to create an anti-age serum. Its properties for the skin include optimal moisture and reduction of both wrinkles and age signs.

This prehistoric species brings us properties from a 250 million years evolution process, having survived from many diseases, predators and even a meteorite crush. Come and experience its benefits!