Return or exchange policies:

At our website we sell food products, some of which must maintain the cold chain and avoid heat or sun exposure. For that reason, and to ensure the quality in our products, the following return, withdrawal, and exchange policy is hereby established:

  1. It is expressly stipulated that there will be no right of withdrawal as established in the Law N° 19.496 article 3° bis, letter b), regarding the products or services acquired through the website, hence the return, withdrawal and exchange policy will be as established in the following section 2.
  2. It is hereby established the following return and exchange policy:
  • If the customer has purchased a product which has not been yet despatched, the cancellation of the purchase can be requested by calling the number +569 6309 6067 or by sending an email to
    • Our sales team will endeavour to cancel the despatch of the product and will subsequently proceed to cancel the charge to your chosen method of payment. It is hereby stated that the cancelation of the charge may take 1-2 days to be reflected on the account statement, according to the policies of the issuing bank.
    • It is hereby stated that our business hours are from 8:30 am. to 6:30 pm. from Monday to Friday, and emails may be checked within 5 business hours.
    • In case the interruption of the despatch is no longer possible, the following procedure will apply.
  • If the product has already been despatched and the interruption of the on-going delivery is no longer possible, or, if the product has been already received by the customer, the return policy will be as follows:
    • The return or exchange of products different from food items that remain in its unopened original package is possible. In such a case, the customer must send an email within the 48 hours that follow the receipt of the product to requesting the exchange or return. In this case, the shipping costs will be charged to the customer and the return of the product will be coordinated via email. Once the product has been received by us in the previously described condition, the charge to your chosen method of payment will be canceled. 
    • The return or exchange of products different from food items that have been opened will not be possible.
    • The return or exchange of food products that have already been despatched will not be possible, in order to guarantee the quality and integrity of our products.