Red Smoked Sturgeon


Product Description:

Hot-smoked Oscietra Sturgeon, preparation with a slightly more intense flavour, smoked with fine imported wood, highlighting the sturgeon’s qualities.
Format: Frozen and vacuum-sealed. 200 gr.
Varieties: Red Smoked Stør Traditional, Red Smoked Stør with Chili Pepper crust and Red Smoked Stør with Lemon & Pepper crust.

Expiration: 18 months frozen
Chef's Recommendation:

Before consuming, defrost for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Hot-smoked Sturgeon is ideal for appetisers, in cubes or fine slices, together with tartar sauce or hot sauce. It can also be enjoyed as a main dish (single portion), together with a risotto or a cauliflower purée.

For Smoked Sturgeon with a lemon and pepper or chili crust, our chef recommends heating them in an oven at a minimum temperature (70ºC) for 5 to 10 minutes.

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