Caviar Travel Kit


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Product Description:

Need to travel with your caviar? For product quality, you have to keep the temperature between -2 and 2ºC, which can be a problem when traveling for several hours. We recommend that you add this Caviar Travel Kit to your order, to maintain the cold chain for up to 24 hours.

Contents: 4-litre Styrofoam box, 4 gel packs

Product description: Caviar Travel Kit

Format: 4-litre Styrofoam box, 4 gel packs.

Instructions for the trip:

  1. Keep the caviar in its sealed thermal bag under constant Refrigeration until the journey starts (-2 to 2ºC).
  2. Keep the 4 gel-packs Freezing (-18ºC) until before the trip (preferably for 24 hours before the journey).
  3. To set up the box, first insert two gel packs within the base of the box. In the next level, place the caviar in its sealed thermal bag. Finally, place the other two gel packs onto the thermal bag and seal the box with its respective lid. We recommend sealing with adhesive tape.
  4. Right after arrival, open the kit and refrigerate the Caviar.
  5. Save your kit for reuse on your next trip.

Recommendations: Travel time will depend on the box’s exposure to the sun and high temperatures. Keep in the shade while travelling. Kit duration at temperature: 24 hrs maximum.

Attention: The Travel Kit can hold a maximum of: 4 15 gr tins, 3 30 gr tins, 3 50gr tins, 2 100 gr tins or 1 250gr tin. Bear this in mind when deciding how many kits you’ll need. For any questions, please reach out to us.

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